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Experience our ARH!

Make yourself comfortable in our ARH (A-Frame Rest Houses) our homage to the British era Forest Rest Houses (FRH) which adorn our forests all over India. However, we have given them a contemporary treatment. Just 3 in number. the ground + first floor provide magnificent views of the river, the jungle, and of course the stars at night. Each ARH accommodates 4, but we recommend it for 2.

Sustainable operations

Ramisera Wilds is built from the ground up as a pre-fabricated structure. Despite its imposing dimensions, our ARHs can simply be unboulted and removed for the nature to reclaim the land. We believe in leaving nothing but our footprints behind and taking away nothing but memories.


Of course, it also means minimal carbon footprint, restricted use of single use plastic, compost generation and taking all the small steps necessary to help take us a long way towards sustainability. After all, we too are guests here!

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