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Nestled in the middle of a quaint valley, our A-Frame Rest Houses (ARH) and our High Hide are the perfect getaway for relaxation & adventure.


Our ARHs come with an intimate sit out balcony, along with a lounge area and 2 bedrooms, which can fit up to 4 people, but we recommend them for two.


Our High Hide sits 40 feet above ground and offers a 180-degree view of the forest that surrounds, it features a bedroom along with a balcony. A perfect setting for two.



Our location in a safe and secluded spot comes with a reliance on the culture and the nature that surrounds. At the space we offer culinary riches unseen in other parts of Uttarakhand. A fascinating example of which is that all our meals are prepared by local chefs who have years of experience in providing a culinary experience including bar-be-que dinners, bush cook ups and much much more.

Please note all meals are served at fixed timings only.


Note: To ensure our guests have the most wonderful stay imaginable, we urge them to book our property 5 days prior to their day of arrival.

Note: Our property is located amidst a nature reserve and we urge our guests not to play loud music in order to not disturb the wildlife.

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