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Kalagarh Tiger Reserve

Kalagarh Tiger Reserve (KTR) is spread over an area of 301.18 sq. km, this includes the Sonanadi Wildlife sanctuary. Kalagarh Tiger Reserve is in the northern part of Jim Corbett National Park situates along with Lansdowne Forest Division of Uttarakhand.


Nature Walks

Our guests have the option of going out with our Naturalist and exploring the forest on foot. It's a unique experience where you will be truly one with nature and soak in the abundance of goodness it has to offer. Of course, you also have the opportunity of exploring all kinds of wildlife and their natural behaviour. Also, an absolute delight for Bird watchers.

Village tours

As part of our community outreach and involvement initiative. We offer our guests the opportunity to experience life in a forest village of our gorgeous Garhwal. Guests will be given a view of how life is in close proxximity to wilderness and a taste of the local cuisine.


Riverside Bliss

Ramisera Wilds is blessed with the Palain river running along its Southern boundary. Guests have the unique experience of stepping out and stepping into a a very important river system and the eco system that goes with it. We encourage our guests to enjoy the river while respecting it and of course fellow guests.

Board Games

Nothing beats spending time and having fun around and a board game! Our guests can indulge in a challenging game of chess or a free wheeling game of Carrom. Then there’s the good old ludo and snakes & ladders. Rest assured, simple games become an unique experience out here at the Wilds!

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